Christmas Is Over, But There Are Snowflakes All Around

UK store Poundland being investigated over X-rated adverts which saw an elf ‘teabagging’ Barbie...

Twitter / Poundland

A Christmas advertising campaign that saw an elf teabagging a Barbie is being investigated by the Advertising Standards Agency.  The pictures posted on Poundland’s Twitter account received 80 complaints because people were concerned that they weren’t suitable to be seen by children.

They included images of the children’s toy ‘elf on a shelf’ engaging a number of x-rated acts including fighting Darth Vader with a vibrator, and scratching his genitals with Santa’s toothbrush.  The retailer sparked a social media storm when they posed the elf standing over the Barbie doll and holding a Twinings tea bag over her mouth.

The caption said: ‘How do you like your tea? One lump or two?’

The box of Twinings was then removed after the tea company accused Poundland of ‘misusing’ it’s products.  A spokesman for Poundland described it as a ‘storm in a tea cup’ and said the Advertising Standards Agency hadn’t received 80 complaints.

They said: ‘It’s actually 23 complaints contrasted with thousands of people who said they loved our naughty elf pictures – not least because it reminded them that Britain is famous for the Saucy postcard and Panto.’

‘We’re just pleased the number of people who didn’t get the joke is so small.’

One of those not amused was Misty who wrote on Twitter: ‘I think these adverts are created by sexually depraved/deprived males. Maybe they should try wanking before work.’

Mrs Mushroom added: ‘Is that supposed to be funny? Do you want to explain it to the kids? Good grief.’ And Adam Love said: ‘An Elf teabagging Barbie. Doesn’t get more festive that that. Merry Christmas!’