Welcome back to Spankwagon Radio.

OscilloscopeIt's been quite a few years hasn't it. Mostly lost to some random domain registrar and fake parked page in Japan.  DAMNIT SWACKHAMMER!

I know you are thinking about asking, but your want to be polite, why now? Why Spankwagon?Honestly I don't really know myself. This all started when I was monitoring the domain and I noticed that it went into redemption. That means that a domain can be recovered for extra money because the registrar let the domain expire. I was surprised that it got that far. I then started to watch it daily to see when it would either get renewed, or go into pending delete status. To my shock, it went into pending delete about 7 days before Christmas. I got excited to think that the domain that has been a pain in my ass for 18 years could be mine again. The site, the show, the other show, the other other show, and whatever Rob did to the site and his show. Kept resonating with me that I really need to have the domain back, and I needed to use it.

But it wouldn't be the same.

True, it wouldn't be, and that's okay. What Spankwagon was during the early 2000's could never really be re-created. We're is a different place, all of us, and we know that what we thought was funny and content worthy then could and should not be done now. But, I also know after listening to several episodes of Booze and Letters that what we did and how we did it, was engrained into the fabric of who we are. The three of us, Murphy, Decaf, and I are all very opinionated and we are all very crude. That style was not a good fit for what I wanted out of Booze and Letters. So, the more I thought about it, and as Spankwagon was closer and closer to becoming available, I decided to have some fun, and bring The Wagon back to it's roots. The three of us, talking, and not feeling constrained by the format, or title, of the show.

So, Spankwagon is what now, exactly?

Currently Spankwagon is going to be a three person talking heads show. Topical as always, and more brash and crude then Booze and Letters. We are a podcast, and we will be recording live. All of which you know based on what we have learned doing Booze and Letters this past year. One of the big difference is the bits. Spankwagon had bits, dead-celeb, shidi-midi, Bad Food, different trivia, and so on. I actually want to ask Murph to make a bit that involves the advice he was dishing out on the MurphCast episode of Booze and Letters. Additionally, Spankwagon had guests. I am not sure how thats going to work moving forward, but since Murph is an invested show runner he gets to work that out. I will be focusing my energies on the site. I promise not to change the site ever damn week. I may tweak the graphics, but not the site layout. I am actually pretty happy with what we have going on . Eventually I will have the domain fully directed, but all the same, you can go to spankwagon.net and always get to where we are.

What's going to happen to Booze and Letters?

I am going to rework that site and make something totally different. I have always had a different idea as to what that site was about, and I plan on slowly bringing that into existence in the next couple of months. For the most part it's going to be the more of that 'NPR' style that I get harassed about. I want something that is just a bit more refined and a bit more engineered. I have no idea if it will be any good, but hey, everyone likes car wrecks. Don't belive me? Search YouTube for 'car accidents', sooooo many videos.

Alright, so what is the timeline for all of this?

Spankwagon should be churning out episodes soon. I think in the next couple of weeks. Booze and Letters will, for a short while, be a parked page with a SWR link, and then it will be re-built into something new. That is going to take a few months.

Have you learned anything from all of this?

YES! First, don't give away a domain and hope for the best. Second, ROB YOU OWE US! WE'RE -- eventually -- COMING FOR YOU!