It's A Little Cold Here ....

So, not many of you may be aware of the weather we are having over here in the UK at the moment.  This week we were hit with what meteorologists called "The Beast from the East", now officially named Storm Emma.  It brought a freezing temperatures and snow which has completely covered the United Kingdom.


Thankfully down here in the south east of the country we haven't (so far) been hit too badly by severe weather.  Yes it's been snowing, and absolutely freezing but in respect it has been at least a little tolerable.  The coldest temperature that I have recorded this week has been down around 23 degrees fahrenheit while other places have reported lower temperatures.


However as always it gets worse before it gets better, and yesterday evening this got worse for many as parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland was placed on a severe weather warning simply known as "Red Alert".

Now, you may giggle at the Star Trekky nature of the warning, but it's nothing to be taken lightly.  This is the first time it has been issued in Scotland, and only the second time it has been issued (the last time being back in 2013).  Under these conditions it is simply a case of do not even think or even attempt to go outside under any circumstances as there is a potential for imminent risk to your life.


Understandably there is widespread travel disruption on flights, trains and roads.  Now some of you might read this and think that what we're experiencing is nothing, you may live in an area that get's far worse weather and still manage your day to day lives ... But for us, this is not a-typical weather and we're never ever prepared for it, so when it comes, yeah we have a hard time coping with it.

Weather forecasts have have us in the icy grips of Storm Emma up until the weekend, when hopefully spring time will start?