When Old Content Is Regurgitated


Today Criterion games announced that their phenominal title Burnout Paradise has been remastered for modern consoles ... Great.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Burnout Paradise fan.  I spent many hours playing the demo prior to the game release, and with the exception of maybe one or two DLC's, I purchased pretty much all the content, including (for some reason) the Time Savers Pack which unlocked all the vehicles from the outset.  I spent hours on this game, getting every jump and billboard, doing every race to attain the top tier license.  The soundtrack was also enjoyable, especially with the cut-in's by DJ Atomika.

But this was 10 years ago.  Now of course, If I want to blaze it up in Paradise City, I can either break out my Xbox 360 play it on that, or I can play it on my Xbox One thanks to it's backwards compatibility.

But the point I'm driving at (no pun intended) is, why should I pay what is probably about $50 for an old title, just because the graphics are now in 4K.  Also let me emphasise here, that Criteron didn't even do the remastering themselves.  According to their press release it was handled by a company called Stellar Entertainment.  I can see the people at Criterion Games rubbing their hands as people will inevitably "double dip" to re-purchase this game just because of 4K ... Seriously.

I know people have been hounding and pleading with Criterion for years now hoping to see a new title to the Burnout franchise, and they don't give a crap about its fan base ... Well let's be honest, you can how much they didn't care about the product when they released Burnout Crash back in 2011.  I think most of the production budget on that title was used just to get David Hasselhoff to do the advertising campaign.

Anyway, if you've still got a boner to get this title, you can pre-order it now, for release on March 16th.

Xbox One: Pre-Order Link
Playstation 4: Pre-Order Link